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We Make Technical Support EASY!

Who Is PrimeStyleLtd?

PrimeStyleLtd is an IT services provider that is proudly providing high-quality technical services to businesses throughout the Greater San Antonio Area.

Roadmap 2024

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide and support our customers with industry-leading I.T. products, procedures, and services that are proven to be effective, compliant, and most importantly cost-efficient no matter the size of their organization.

Vision Statement

Utilize our values to provide a productive, proactive, and energetic work environment for employees, legendary service for customers, growth for our company, and an everlasting pureness of our natural environment.

Our Core Values

Be fair to the customer:

  • We treat your network like our own

  • Prompt and timely responses

  • Billed for work completed

  • Competitive pricing


Be fair to the employee:

  • Discover and nurture talent in each employee

  • Focus on building employee strengths and control their weaknesses

  • Work schedule flexibility to meet company objectives first but yet recognize family commitments

  • Values employees as human capital just as company capital

  • Provide a competitive compensation and rewards package that is fiscally responsible but yet motivates


Be fair to the company:

  • Grow and maintain a profit

  • Be the best IT service provider in central and south Texas

  • Research and explore additional markets to grow

  • Protect company resources from internal or external threats

  • Protect company resources from internal or external threats

  • Significantly reinvest profits to grow the company

  • Seek our legal and financial resources to guide the company

  • Create and maintain a work environment that fosters company goals

  • Seek and identify talented employees

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