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A community's participation for rewarding witnessed phenomena's

The reasoning behind this e-Asset is because there's a need to raise awareness regarding these phenomena. Our goal is intended to jumpstart observation of “TR3B codenamed Manta”, other unidentified aerial or extra-planetary or paranormal phenomena and embark the fleeting HODL process and have the asset being traded for creating value for incentivizing our rewarding system for social media posts shared on our discord server. 

TR3B is for raising that much-needed working capital, while our marketers negotiate to list on exchanges.  This thought process leads our marketing to campaign the rewarding system via all our social media resources.  Bringing this acknowledgment, we should be close to goals where development may continue for our cold boot post-destruction technology/ blockchain updates by gaining sponsors, entrepreneurs, and community supporters and investors. 

       E-Asset Specifications

BSC bTR3B contract -0xB6Ace1349339E4f5D2c6962Fa8e328D1Dd22E18F

Total token 19,000,000

Transaction Fees 15%


Transaction fee breakdown:

10% - Returned to holders depending on current holdings

4% - Returned to Liquidity

1% - Burn to ensure token stabilization.


Please download this wallet first, then join us on Discord for further instructions to set up for holding bTR3B Tokens



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