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Why should I buy your NFTs and support your server?

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

As with most Discord servers now, the more robust and more opportunity it generates the cost raises exponentially. Running games, giveaways, tips, and having moderators generates an expenditure. While some moderators may "mod" for free, you usually do not get the dedication like you may with paid moderators. But that's for another article.

So let's get into the meat of things. Why should you buy my NFTs or try to get them in a drop? Well, each NFT (NonFungibleToken for those new to this aspect of crypto currency) is a full asset, meaning you are not getting a piece of an asset, like so many do with puzzles. Don't get me wrong, puzzles are great, but for most of us, especially with limited resources and on WAXP Cloud Wallets the storage of such pieces cost a considerable amount of WAXP Tokens for a few bits of storage space. I used 10 tokens for 5 some odd bits. Almost a 2 to 1 ratio. Not worth it for pieces. With PrimeStyleLtd NFTs your storing a full asset, either a song, picture, or video and each may have hidden content within them. That content may be what backs the token or may actually be why you hodl it. Say I back the token with 5 Dogecoins which currently are worth a few cents, $0.15 each and let's say in a 3 month period that Dogecoin jumps to $1.00 each you now have 5 bucks and that NFT is worth that. Of course it's volatile so it could go the other way too and tank. We hope not though.

These that I speak of are NFTs created on Polygon Chain as well as Cardano chain. And for now they cannot be farmed unfortunately. Once I learn how to set it up and get it going I will add that aspect to them as well. WAXP NFTs are usually backed with WAXP and the NFT may be burned to get the wax from it. So not much of explanation needed there. Yet, purchasing these NFTs will ensure reinvestment to the project to continue the trading cycle.

Now to supporting our server and why you should consider supporting PrimeStyleLtd.

To answer bluntly and honestly, we need to raise capital. This is what I mean by capital:

1. Funding for Matic, Cardano and WAXP. These are the assets needed as gas to create NFTs. Without funding, the backing of any of the NFTs with MATIC, ADA, or WAXP may not be possible and we may have many NFTs with no value. I do have some like that but I give them away as promo tools.

2. Funding for airdrops and tips. What I mean here is the role you may purchase once a Double Verified Member of our Discord Server. The PSL-Drops role gives you access to my wallet drops via As well as the first NFT drops to the PSL NFT Collage Collection Games and other perks currently being outlined and setup. Other paid subscribed roles may come into effect, but for now what I want is to keep it simple.

3. Funding for listing our cloned coins on reputable exchanges. Meaning if you all saw my last PodChat where I talked about SoliduS Exit Scamming. Our MentX coin and GloveCoin are now no longer listed so there are limits to exchange and trade the coins. Currently only Glov is listed and it's listed at Unnamed Exchange. We have three others, CMVE, TR3B, and MentX that need exchanges to give another option than trading up or trading for an NFT. Yet, with this, we do have use cases for them. And that's half the battle. 😁

Finally, the 4th of how we are attempting to gain capital and funding is via purchasing our support tiers. Your monthly support gains you the Double Verified Role to access the server fully and the PSL-Drops role which gives you access to the special and sometimes private drops. Proceeds from those purchases will be in turn reinvested in the three funding methods I described above.

Your investment in us doesn't go unreciprocated, our intent, my intent is to ensure you are getting something for your investment. Most take your investment and run. Well I don't run, im here and you know my face. You can see me on YouTube, I'm reachable via Discord, Twitter, Minds, Bastyon, Pivot, Gab, MeWe, Whatsapp, Phone and Text. What dev does that? Most hide so you don't know who you are dealing with.

I believe in this industry, in Crypto and it will be the future for us in a Utopian society. We just need to move from making money to bettering the human race.


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