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Why Crypto swaps sux and Burned coins aren't really gone

Yeah, the hell with swapping. If you want to reduce a supply of any given coin (crypto currency) to help increase value, burn coins. Yet, burn them for real.

Send to a wallet no one will ever access not even you the dev and then forget about it. Most swaps and burns go to wallets that a dev owns, then at a later time, when the price goes up those burned coins are reintroduced.

As for swap coins, its not so easy, but I've seen some reintroduced swapped coins causing confusion and fork claims. So caution is a must say.

Also, a project nor coin will die, especially if there is activity by the community and devs. Someone requested a new pairing for a coin on one of my servers. For that to happen, only that exchange can add the pairing even if it's paid for. Meaning even if we pay for it.

If you are not finding trades with the current pairs, how about encouraging others to trade from all the communities you are in, instead of requesting another pairing.

Another pairing doesn't necessarily mean people will trade to help the value. It clearly implies "hey open a new pair so I can offload this and get this other coin."

The definition of a "Dump".

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