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What am I doing wrong? Really!! Feedback please.

I was recently invited to a server that has a lot of hype going on in it. When looking at the entire server I noticed they are white listing for sale of NFTs at a high price in ETH. Qualifications to get in on this takes following Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, you must also reach level three in status on their discord server, comment at least a couple times to their social media posts and invite a couple of people. Then you must fill out a Google form supplying your Eth addy.

All that is good for the layer of verification needed. Yet, I still am wondering what the hype is all about, I mean they are NFTs and by the looks there is nothing special really. I mean darn good looking creations, but nothing really stands out. Just my opinion. I may be biased as I create NFTs too.

Anyway, I proceeded to ask if the NFTs are backed, come in pieces for a puzzle game, can farm or are traded? I was pointed to their roadmap. Here are edited components of that roadmap:

-Announce our project and prepare our marketing plans & budget publicly. - (OK, so you were keeping some things occult, there are always some facets that must be kept secret to avoid market saturation and idea stealing.)

-Whitelist, rank, and requirement applications intake - (Part of verification process)

-Begin marketing plans with a huge marketing budget and the most innovative marketing strategies - (These plans should always be in play even with a non-existing budget but should be pushed via social media. Once the budget is available add to the already functioning campaign. Also what innovative marketing as any marketing is innovative, the key is will it generate sales and attention.)

-Influencer campaigns with many partnered influencers - (What influencers? Name them to give examples to know it's not bullshit and they have truly partnered and bought into your efforts)

-Official mint dates and price based on what our community desires - (In your server where are the polls and market research where the community has given input and helped decisions? A mint date? As soon as you've minted it's the mint date or are your whitelist having to buy and mint themselves on your contract?)

-Digital Billboards campaigns - (These are usually left to fortune 500 and above established companies. To me, this is not something easily attainable at any price)

-Notable and bullish campaigns towards NFT WHALES in the NFT Space - (Once again name them to give examples showing their support and backing your efforts)

-NFT giveaways on social media powered by influencers & community - (Here again give examples to ensure buy-in as for most it's here say)

See where the holes in this piece of the road map show and how easily it is to bring them forward. How did they generate so much interest? While im rewarding real money and giving away so much? This is why I ask what am I doing wrong?

Here is the more speculative and what I call the boast and embellishment of the project:

-Now partnered with many influencers that will bring a huge impact to the community - ( What influencers? Check their social media feeds)

-Partnered with a company & development team consisting of many developers to build our web3 & NFT platforms that include NFT trading, Influencer NFTs, End Game platform, and many more that our members will have access and stake in - (What's the company name? Who are these developers? Mockups of platforms, game ideas, and NFT examples would be nice here to show progress. Also, name community members with stake)

-Owners and partners have a proven background in running real companies, launching platforms, and building huge things - (Give examples of their successes and failures, what was learned and what will be different now and Company Name to validate a real company)

-Close connections to the world's leading brands for collaborations very soon -(Speculative as any brand to attach themselves has to have a mutual benefit or a slightly leveraged benefit to allow their brand to be associated. Many still will not as even NFTs are volatile as is all crypto.

So you see where I'm coming from? What am I doing wrong? I give you the truth and full transparency in my Aqua Paper and 2022 Quarter Outlook published here on our blog.

Yet, there is little interest except for those who are on my server. I've already paid out 100s of dollars in Giveaways, backed NFTs, and our Collage Collection Game. As well as the opportunity to trade cloned BTC coins on exchanges and provide trade-ups to backed NFTs. Our main focus is creating the trading cycle with trade-ups, exchanging, and funding by the community to keep things fair. This server, the PrimeStyleLtd server is fully transparent and all the facets of the projects are structured to what I can do myself getting my hands dirty.

So once again I ask, What Am I Doing Wrong?!

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