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Watch out for Scamz

Watch out for scamz!

Here are key RedFlags, It may be a scam in my opinion. You pay for the NFT and pay to mint it. You getting double taken. Then you get direct messages from jerks pretending to be part of the administration of the server spammed to you like WTF. Then you finally get whitelisted and able to mint an NFT pay the fees, pay the NFT, and pay to mint a collection or 1 NFT not backed or with any value. Sometimes it's disclosed that you are paying for a chance to get an NFT that has value, but not guaranteed. Also watch for social media accounts being "disabled" and a new one popping up, that's an indication of either a primary member not seeing eye to eye or something more nefarious occurring.

PrimeStyleLtd NFTs are backed with either tokens, coins, and are accessible by opening hidden or locked content. Lately it's been a link to my personal Box account where I have a pdf you can download that tells you how I backed it, to contact me if you wish to burn it to collect it's backing. The kicker is, I freaking mint what I drop or giveaway for you and the NFTs are limited editions. So you can resell, burn or keep, as I may buy those NFTs back. All I'm asking is for your help, faith, and trust because raising capital in a sea of scammers is a bitch. Yet, many fall for the FOMO instead of what im offering which is real rewards, real money that is fairly disbursed and reinvested in the community.

I haven't raised enough capital to offer thousands which is what many of those "Next NFT, Token, Coins" fool you with. What I give out is of myself and what I earn both from my work at a job and our friends in the community. Like for instance FreakHouse, who hosts our VPSes, and developed our game, MentX, TR3B, CMVE and CMVE Token, maintains GloveCoin and supports our stability. Googoomuck who advises, invests, and warns us of the different scams going on in different servers and sites. Scotlarock727 Promotions who rains RNRC, other coins he has and provides predictions as to whether an asset trends going up or down. Just to name a few and our many other devs and community members who support the server.

Everything is reinvested into what we are trying to create which is the future of crypto, Accountability, Responsibility, Equal Opportunity, and Trust for adoption.

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