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Twisting in the wind!

We Lost FreakHouse!!

Well he's not dead or anything but we lost his services due to growing frustrations with crypto itself, at least in his words.

Or maybe because growing a project organically doesn't pay, you are in it for a long haul. As I have mentioned 5 year business plans are bullshit in crypto. At least in crypto that's not a scam.

He never asked for anything or made any snide comments or innuendos. I offered to pay for whatever he needed, but he would say it was cool. So to me, he is a stand-up man. He held on as long as he could and I appreciate him for it.

There are those, however, who have been manipulating things in the background, we call them "Lurkers." These entities have been siphoning ideas to use as their own and when we present the idea everyone is already burned out. I've mentioned there are two groups in Discord that suck the life out of crypto and any Alts they are affiliated with.

To these I say this, adapted from Babylon 5 from "the Fall of Centauri Prime" episode.

"Members of PrimeStyleLtd. We have come through a long time of fire, pain, and finalities. We have been gravely wounded, but we remain a movement. We began the first part of the journey as CryptoFightClub, and  that  journey  is now over. The greater one, the journey to build our eco-system and take our place in the industry now begins. We have been struck deeply, exacting a terrible price in the lives of those who have come and gone previously helping while trying to fulfill their own agenda. Another great price must now be paid in the form of investment which will come close to taking a bunch of your time and efforts. Many wish to teach us a lesson, to break us so that we will never again be enthusiastic in the pursuit of happiness. This punishment is unfair, is a violation of our natural desires to succeed, but we will bear this burden as we have borne so many before. We are alone. We fight alone, and we will build alone. We will work even harder to show those who have come to humiliate us that we will not bow down! As Pharaoh, I must lead by example. So with defiance, I will be leaving servers that do not aid us in our common goal to establish the legitimacy of crypto and like our main moderator Empowered wrote, all unnecessary channels and bots will be removed. Those that wish to continue you are welcomed. Those who do not, we wish you nothing but good fortune, blessings and we thank you for being part of our first leg in this journey. We Are CryptoFightClub! We are the Movement!

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