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Well it's not the first time I write about this discord tool for dissemination of coins and tokens. First time was the issue of it's developers using invalid user for ensuring they were first to claim from airdrops.

This of course caused a lot of discourse and FUD within the community and many people were banned from the server. I mean users who would drop some big amount of coins for everyone to share and learn about.

Then there was the fiasco regarding blocking certain users from the bot because of suspected association with a user accused of scamming or having issues with the bots developer oknu. In a fit of being vengeful everyone suspected of agreeing or even mentioning that user was either banned or blocked from the tipbot. Only after some legal representation was involved did things settle down and return to status quo.

Which brings me to the current issue that some people are reporting missing assets as well as their balance discrepancies. It's reported by that it's a server reporting issue and there is no timeframe for when it will be resolved. Only suggestion I can give is to check your balance numbers of your assets themselves not the value. Take note of any drops you do and recheck. They make good money off of us with fees so the server excuse is weak in my opinion, but I cannot dismiss it as I have worked in datacenters and colocations and have seen some unexpected shit happen. Still they should of bought the backup offerings especially with the money they make. I'm just saying. There's no FUD here as I have made countless mistakes and take it personal when it's pointed out although it may be correct.

Needless to say not to mention the countless times I have been muted for disagreeing or being outspoken. 15 days, then 30 days most recently so I will admit I may be biased.

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