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Think it's rude?

In Discord I had a series of questions pop up after I had done an airdrop. The question was where did what I won go and how do I access it?

Being short sighted I responded rather snarky as I thought I was being pranked.

I answered it's in the bot to which the reply was how do I get that into my wallet? Once again thinking I was being pranked I said talk to the bot. Lol! And totally dismissed who was asking.

Funny thing about interacting with Discord communities, you never know who you are really communicating with. It could be some Joe Blow who is just there to troll, a (I hate to say) Pedophile who's out hunting for prey, sicko MFers! A kid who is there by accident because his gaming community stumbled across the tipping bot or Tipbot that can airdrop cryptocurrency that is utilized for power ups in their game. A CEO of a company looking at a partnership to usher in cryptocurrency as a method to allow purchasing of goods or services. A scammer looking for prey as well, for the next sucker. Or an enthusiast like me who developed his community with a cryptocurrency to represent them and how they think unified. So being short or rude may not always be something keen even if in jest.

Yet, still you'll run across some that will snap at you. If you fall into the catagory of having someone snap or be rude to you in Discord, do not take it personally. That's the biggest thing, while it's not an excuse to be a dick, there are stresses being a Cryptocurrency, Community, Marketing, Developer that can cause a lash out just from a naive question.

This happened to me today and while I was not rude as others I did make snarky remarks and I'm owning up to them. I true thought I was being punked. After a few moments I realized woah, wait, you jerk. So I decided to reach out with this statement.

"My apologies,

if you are new in this space, you must know the basics of bot functionalities. IE: deposits, withdrawals and tipping. The community you are accessing is advanced so questions like the ones posed will garner snarky remarks. If you are in need of learning, while there will be some who will teach, many others will be irritated by it. Help can be found in either the corresponding Discord channel or bot website. Happy receiving."

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