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Struggling Dravite (DRV)

Paying to list Dravite (DRV) may be worth it but the community will have to initiate buy back. I recently paid the fee for MentX and added some buys to get things going. Myself and Freakhouse also burned 500 million of the premine. DRV is too abundant.

Everytime it's listed jerks with over billions of coins go and dump the "fuck" out of it. Killing any momentum. This is what literally killed the projects it took over originally. I was thinking of creating a token to offer trade ups so we can get some of that abundance back and burn it for real.

Yet here is the thing with burn campaigns. Most burns in my experience have been "send to a wallet and take if offline", then after the value increases it's brought back online and dumped. Freakhouse created a burn for us that whatever amount of MentX is sent its permanently gone, so no bullshit like that happens. There are two servers I know for a fact are masquerading the burns and thus why the value for their coin doesn't rise much.

Ok the listing is attainable and better than the 1000 and above most small exchanges ask for. DRV will need to be reduced in abundance and made something special to attain.

The only other option is shelling out the 10 to 25 grand to list on the likes of very popular exchanges like Coinbase, Kukoin, P2PB2B, Graviex as well as pay for mainstream advertisement to bring attention as well as hire dedicated developers to ensure the chain is stable. And, list on a popular wallet like Trustwallet, Edge or even Coinomi. Still at some point the coin will need to be updated and a swap occurs.

This is one reason the coin has gone stagnant. Our community has only leeches and no investors with that type of money or foresight to throw in. ROI will not be instant, it will take about 6 yrs to even get out of the red and break even. Im talking real business here and not speculative bullshit every old and new project hype feed us to create fomo (fear of missing out).

This project and coin was originally made with good intent, then turned into a quick money generator and after it was sucked dry the rest of us believers were left holding the bag twisting in the wind. Devs left that made their initial investment in money and time back with some profit and then abandoned the project. Only us true believers are left and without any sizeable capital to get things going on the real. So once again I say, there is no use for DRV so why should anyone want it, let alone buy it?

This is my response to a developers question regarding Dravite a coin I tried to get regoing with Freakhouse. Originally owned by BitcoinsBabys but now community owned and stagnant. It's in many servers and used to get attention with outrageous rains. Try to exchange it? If it's listed it's worth less than a fraction of a satoshi, like WEI for Ethereum thus the reason why so much is dumped continuing to kill the project and coin.

Can it be saved? Possibly if the community unites and invests unitedly towards a main goal to revive it and make it viable. We shall see what the community decides.

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