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Shoot Promo on NFT Drops

Are you stupid?! I mean really? ARE YOU STUPID?!!!

After dabbling in this NFT space for a few months now and I mean over a year after preparation and research, I've noticed the hype regarding NFT drops. Do you, yes! You! Know that these whitelisted drops are more of a lottery?

Think about it! Yes, you get your address either ETH, Polygon, WAXP, whatever chain whitelisted meaning known to the publishers of the immanent drop so you have an opportunity to get an NFT. What is undisclosed is, you're paying for the NFT and to mint it. The other undisclosure is you will not know what version or if it's a rare NFT that has value. Thing is these drops are done to raise capital and if the developers are honest will take that capital and to invest. Yet, here's the con, some will take the money and run. Be Freaking Careful! Don't Fall For the Hype and Fomo!

So once again I ask, ARE YOU STUPID?!

Just this week, I've seen so much hype over an impending drop. What happened you ask? Well one announced postponement, one made money and ran, one is still around but is still doing drops trying to make more money. Thing is all those drop NFTs pics are shit. Lol! I am biased will be honest. And the NFTs are not even backed, farmed, or have any use other than taking up space and your money!

All this going on while I'm here trying to get your attention proving my track record, proving my artistry, ideas and fully being transparent while YOU fall for the possible cons!

I mean, I am surprised not that many peeps have caught on to my NFT concept. You can buy the NFT and it may be backed by WAXP, MATIC, DOGE, BTC, LTC or one of our tradeable blockchain coins GLOV, MENTX or another crypto buy accessing the locked content, downloading and contacting myself for payment. If the NFT is part of the collection game, you collect the required different NFTs and get rewarded 25 dollars CashApp, Doge, BTC or what I may have available. The artwork ain't shitty either so you can resell or burn. You can trade-up, get coins, trade on exchanges, I mean it's a freaking awesome platform. Yet, YOU fall for the stupid hype of getting screwed with NFT drops. Fuck you FOMO!

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