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Serious FeedBack

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

OK, now for some serious feedback..

What am I doing wrong? I marked down the NFTs I have for sale that are backed. No takers. Also, no one has taken me up on the trade up offerings for GLOV, MentX, TR3B or even trading on our respective exchanges. I've been working on giving options not just one route. So from rains you get coins. Those coins can be traded on exchange or trade up for DeFi tokens or NFTs. NFTs you get will have either Glove, CMVE or TR3B where you can stake, like staking an NFT but instead your staking coins which once again you can trade. There's no conversion bullshit like NFT staking has. Only flaw, is you have to stake in your own desktop wallet, but here you are helping the network be stable as F! Also, anything you buy from us goes right back into the whole project. No one is getting rich if we all don't get rich. That's not my intent. My intent is to have an established eco-system for us. To show how this crypto thing should work, needs to work, has to work. I mean really! The fuck does anyone do with an NFT that they purchase for thousands of dollars in ETH, or whatever token and can't do shit with it. Has no function or whatever? Ours are no where as expensive and you get something from it. With us, myself, Googoomuck, Freakhouse, and Empowered we are a team with a common goal. We are not like others with their own agenda, manipulating, working against each other, and undermining themselves. That shit don't work! That's why you guys don't see a lot of association with other team's or affiliations. I grew tired of fixing shit that others created causing my credibility and projects being besmirched. The lack of responsibility by other projects should scare you. Here you see me front and center, if something is fucked up I'm responsible for it. You all can see who I am from my YouTube channel. I'm fucking real!

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