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Scam Exchange?

Well I'll be honest, I don't know. For the most part the site seems on the up and up. Also, just like most exchanges fees to list are comparable. From what is detailed on the original solicitation The cost: $890 + 10,000 bTR3B. Tokens are needed for the market's setup makes sense. Thing is this was when we just started and liquidity was at a start. That amount now is more than the set up fee. Which I would say congrats to the team as we've been working on that aspect of things.

Anyway forward to now and it's the same fee and same amount of bTR3B. Our investment has been used for liquidity so paying the fee is out of the question for now. So the one who solicited the conversation says there is an option to self list and raise funding. The idea is good as voting can get you free listing and that much needed funding. Thing is I tried to take the opportunity but the application would not go through. "What is happening?"

After several attempts I finally said oh well and thought scam. Usually when something like this happens it's because the site has been disabled pending investigation and not fully taken down. I made a comment in response to the solicitation asking for help and asking if the site was a scam? If there is nothing to hide, usually while insulted, whoever represents the site will give instructions and explain what may be occurring. Unfortunately this is the response I received.

Definitely not the response I was expecting. Definitely flags for a scam. Possibly the site was cloned and these jerks are preying on the gullible. Or the insult stung too much because of partial or full truth.


I'd be more vigilant than to respond to an unsolicited conversation. I didn't ask a question or initiated the conversation, so basically I opened up to become subject of being scammed. Thankfully, I was mindful enough and cautious to not take the hook, line, and sinker.

If you get a solicitation from this site do your research and tred wearily.

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