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PSL NFT Collage Game

The game may consist anywhere from 3 to 7 pieces and each are a stand alone NFT. Not all NFTs will be minted via WAXP protocol. Not all NFTs will be unbacked some will have backing. This game is not a puzzle to complete as each NFT is it's own creation.

Only collectors with the completed collection of first pieces can enter to claim the winning NFT in a giveaway and the role to enter the room must be given by me an Admin, or a Mod in our Discord Server.

In my haste to prove my theory I didn't take into account not all NFTs can be dropped like WAXP ones. Yet, the one who collects all 7 will get the $25 dollar prize in Doge or via cash app. I'm making the initial investment to get this going, prize money, my art talent (which is questionable), music talent (questionable too) and available resources. All manually driven. Depending on sale donation meaning purchase of NFTs, tokens (CMVE token and WGLOV) and regular donations will determine prize and it's value.

My intent here is to kick start the trading, value and interest cycle. All the while giving something in return for your participation, interest and loyalty. See most of the time in this industry you have the con men who create hype and fomo, they collect your investment, offload coin, rug, get "hacked", or abandon a project leaving you twisting in the wind of their exit empty handed.

With myself and a few others, we are tired of those occurrences and really see crypto as the future so we are doing our darndest to bring legitimate use cases to our love of crypto. I hope this answers any questions and minimizes concerns as to intent and goals. As I alluded in the aqua paper published in Discord and on, I insist on full transparency here.

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