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Project Obstacles

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What has been occurring with us is a lack of a bTR3B bot to rain and reward you all.  We have been looking and while some devs have mentioned they can create one for us, they begin then fizzle out cause of how the BNB chain works so there's no money they'll make other than our payment for the bot and it's creation.  That and they would control it and how things are disbursed. Meaning fees on top of fees and fees to withdraw as well as minimum amount to be able to tip.  We as your team cannot have that as so many bot devs abandon or sabotage projects in the long run, when they cannot make enough to sustain their other more profitable projects.  Many only want that instant gratification or are in dire straits already.  

More on this after why I'm adamant about a bot for bTR3B. 

As we all know bTR3B is a reflection token as it's contract is set up returning 10% of transactions to it's hodlers.  The team and I have been trying to get more of it out to you all to evenly distribute and offset Got Damn Offloaders killing liquidity.  I know enough, but not enough to game plan a way to balance things that's why GoogooMuck is CFO, he has a sharp business acumen for it.  I'm getting off course, what it means is, the more holders we can get bTR3B in thier hands, the more reflection happens, more transactions.  Those transactions, each one takes 15% with 10% going back to all holders.  The other 5% go back to adding liquidity and buy backs for cycle of crypto.  

Ok now back to the bot issue.  If we list with it's a $1000 give or take fee to be considered and as we all know that bot team is very biased, cliqued and sometimes unfair.  So I'd rather not have them control bTR3B on their bot.  Wrkz multicoinTipBot is a good bot but from it's use and how it tips as well as withdraws,  it's dev has established high fees on top of regular Blockchain fees.  For instance, like SMBELON, for I to tip you all, it takes above 7000 SMBELON tokens to tip.  If there are more users in the community it's an even higher minimum tip.  I believe it's 100 tokens per user to tip,  while the dev takes 25 to 50% of it, so if I tip you 100 you'll get 75 or 50 of the tokens. The developer gets the other tokens plus the fee to move said  tokens on the chain plus the blockchain fee.  

So just from that you can see a lot of difficulty and trust issues after being burned so many times.   All in all we have researched and are still looking for a reliable, trustworthy and engaged bot developer.   

It boils down to trust, access, and of course money.  Money to list and then money where are users will not be screwed.  Blockchain fees we all understand and a markup.  We know and acknowledge the dev has to make something to maintain and continue hosting the bot, but we figure no more than 10% markup.  There's no get rich quick,  only do honest work and get paid honestly.  

This obstacle has been what has impeded progress with bTR3B as well as someone to host and maintain our Glov explorer.  Yet, that's a whole other obstacle.

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