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About me the Pharaoh

Want to know something about your PrimeStyleLtd. founder Community Developer?

Well, I am forward and sometimes abrupt, but always looking out for the interest of my peers, acquaintances, and friends. I have a broad range of skills derived from my many years working in IT, from troubleshooting hardware and assembling PCs and Servers, to installation and troubleshooting of their features. I am proficient in using office software (multiple brands) to create websites/ mobile websites for informational and advertising purposes. I have experience speaking to clients in Spanish and offering a full customer service experience. I enjoy working independently and have the willingness to make decisions quickly and effectively.

I am a music industry published as well as vanity-published composer and writer with four CDs of my own and one book. Creativity helps me flourish, which I tend to use in all aspects of my private and professional life.

My proven specialties include Operations Management, Customer Service Programs, On-Boarding, Organizational Effectiveness, Marketing Strategies & Programs, Project Proposals, Resource Planning & Management, Fraud Review Processes, Multi-site Management, Six Sigma Green Belt, Policies & Procedures Development, Website Administration, Account Management, Program Analysis, and Evaluation, Search Engine Optimization, Project Management and can navigate multiple operating systems.

Those are my professional accolades, im now a YouTube personality with multiple hours of videos on PrimeStyleLtd's YouTube channel. I have multiple social media presences that I do answer personally to ensure engagement and grown organically without manipulating algorithms. I have had a presence on Discord for over 6 yrs and am the founder of CryptoFightClub. In my years I have seen successes and failures. Been scammed both easily and via nefarious and social phishing methods.

My belief in Crypto and it's many faceted industry is almost as faithful as my faith in God. This faithfulness has lead me to those situations I mentioned above as successes, failures, scammed, and yet, im still here fighting, pushing against the mountain. Giving out of my own pocket, investing in myself and my ideas, gaining those who are like minded.

My intent is for all of us to be at a better life work balance. While yes we may have to work, wouldn't it be awesome that we work for the love of bettering our race, the human race earning what we need to cover daily living, yet having the means to not be held at gunpoint. I mean the existence of living paycheck to paycheck. This is my goal unlike those who only care about getting rich quick.

I hope this gives you an insight as to how and what I think. It aligns to your way of thinking and I welcome you to the journey past the moon.

I am The Pharaoh.

Fernando Rodriguez

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Nov 26, 2021

Man of god is a man of value and trustworthiness! good article and congratulations on keeping your dream alive and not giving up .

Nov 26, 2021
Replying to

Thank you. I'm here fighting. 😁

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