Omen Elite: Update

Hello Everyone,

sorry its been on the quiet tip lately.

As an update we are working diligently on the preparations for enabling new features for the coin. There will be a swap soon, but we wish to be sure things are aligned before engaging everyone to prepare.

This is eminent, but not projected as an immediate occurrence as we are involved with other projects needing wrap up. A new white-paper has been written, but I will not release until we start the swap process (this aspect of things is still a few weeks out).

I wish to do this so that everyone is informed of the features and new opportunities it enables. Finally,I have incorporated Omen in our beta CryptoFightClub Locker Room so you'll start seeing blog posts, Facebook posts, Instagram, OK, VK, and whatever else I can incorporate to the locker room to keep everyone informed of Omen.

As a teaser, with swap comes logo and name change but not ticker change. 😉


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