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Not all your coins are listed, Why?

While yes, I would love to list Glov on another exchange, and list MentX, TR3B, the thing is im trying to raise capital via my NFTs, donations and subscriptions to be able to do so. Yet, we have not had any takers, donators or subscribers to make listing possible. As I mentioned previously, all the payouts are from my own investment in the project.

I guess people have become weary and so sick of scams that they won't take another chance even with a dev like me that has been through the roughest of trials, six years in and still fighting the good fight. All I can do is hope and push forward sticking to the goal.

I believe in this so much that 6 yrs have passed. My project CryptoFightClub first started and had a good amount of hype. As it progressed, some within the team became greedy. Our original dev, known as Doggie created the original coin with an exploit CFCC. When confronted, he created another version of the coin CFC with the same exploit. He was fired. Later, a dev from Fiberchange helped create GloveCoin GLOV which is still going strong. My misstep with GloveCoin though was giving out too much coin when listing at first that when I tried buying it back it left me bankrupt and there is still a good amount out there in the wild. Because of this there was a disagreement with Didarmetu from Fibercoin which led to it's unlisting.

We now have a dev that is on the same page as I am. We all know him and love him., FreakHouse! With his help as well as Googoomucks, we have been able to clean up most of my missteps and plan on having a burn campaign for GLOV as soon as I bring in more of it from the wild. I am hoping with this action it will spark trading cycles and interest again.

I do need help and im not too proud to ask for it. Help me make our crypto aspirations come to fruition. Any investment you make will be reinvested into the project. Give me your ideas and feedback, what am I doing wrong? I'm here asking for your attention, but I see many turning to the hype man promising you big things but never delivering and exit scamming you. Yet, here I am delivering, not hiding behind anonymity and continuing to fight.

So who has the gall and balls to join us?

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