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New use out of dated tech

OK, so what do I mean regarding that statement? Does it mean taking an old PC, laptop or desktop and installing one of the many Linux flavors out there or installing Chrome OS Flex for a glorified internet Twittah Machine? Well those are damn good uses. Just like Khadas, ODroid, and Raspberry Pi SBC's running the internet of things. Pretty cool right? As we progress we are now entering the period of smallest yet most powerful computers for everyday use.

But this article isn't about that! Lol! Admit it I lost you when I started rattling off about PCs.

What im actually talking about is crypto and the BTC forked alt currencies. You know the ones that every Tom, Dick, Harrys and Minnies have, over-saturating the crypto markets, overabundant and sometimes worthless shitcoins. I have 'em too starting in 2016 and still here.

Thing is I've tried many things to get my coins recognized for them to have value and so far nothing has stuck. Mind you many of my ideas have been stolen and have worked for others or when I implement the idea im undermined by those in competition. I could take action send copyright infringement papers and pursue legal action but really, this is crypto and most of the scammers are hiding behind anonymity. Yes, I call them scammers cause if your not willing to take responsibility or accountability for your project, that's exactly what you are. I'm known as Pharaoh and my face is plastered all over with my big self. Lol!

So with these BTC forked coins I was thinking what to do with them? Well after researching NFTs and their flaws meaning most NFTs you buy are worthless after you buy them because you have nothing tangible just a awesome pic, song or painting that has been placed on a blockchain but doesn't bring you anything other than bragging rights and enjoyment if you like looking at it. I mean I have some but they're festering in my NFT wallets doing nothing. You can't stake them ok so you lock them and earn a different token and farm for a token with value until it's rugged. Then you just earned a shit worthless token for a worthless NFT.

So I was thinking why not back my NFTs with my BTC Forked altcoins. Meaning an NFT is bought, the purchaser now has the NFT and a document that states what the NFT is backed with and amount. You download the document present it to Pharaoh or one of his team they give you the coins, you stake them yourself in your own wallet as we advocate for "your keys, your crypto", and you burn the NFT. Boom no waste and your earning. That NFT did something.

We have three coins that are stakeable. They are also available for trade-ups and exchanging on their corresponding exchanges. They are Glov, MentX and CMVE. You may find a document in our NFTs that reward these coins upon purchase of an NFT. All our NFTs are backed, either with WAXP if it's a WAX based NFT or said coins. We have one coin also exclusive for trade ups it's called TR3B. Hope to have you all join the movement. Get Empowered, Stay Empowered, Be Empowered!

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