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Meet GLOV Coin! - Updated*

Updated: May 8, 2019

Ever since the beginning of this community we have centered much of our activities around the Crypto Fight Club Coin [CFCC], but due to some unforeseen circumstances we have made the decision to retire CFCC in order to implement the GLOV Coin.

Down below you will find some useful information that will help guide you through the process of exchanging your CFCC for GLOV.


When will the swap begin?

The swap is scheduled to begin on May 13, and it will last until May 21.

How much CFCC is required to get a GLOV coin?

The conversion rate for CFCC to GLOV is as follows:

  • May 13 - May 18: 1.5 CFCC -> 1 GLOV

  • May 19 - May 21: 3 CFCC -> 1 GLOV

  • May 22 - May 28: 10 CFCC -> 1 GLOV

Will I be able to exchange my CFCC for GLOV after May 28, 2019?

Unfortunately, we will not be excepting any CFCC coins after May 28.

Will I still be able to get CFCC from the CFCC faucets?

All CFCC faucets will be unavailable during the swap process.

Will the CFCC blockchain still be active after May 28, 2019?

The CFCC blockchain will be terminated after May 28, 2019.

What can you tell me about GLOV coin?

GLOV Coin will have the following specifications

  • Name: GloveCoin

  • Short name: GLOV

  • Algorithm: Scrypt

  • Block time: 3 Minutes

  • Master Nodes: No

  • Mining: Proof Of Stake [PoS]

  • Coinbase maturity: 20 Blocks

  • Minimum stake age: 12 Hours

  • Maximum stake age: 3 Days

  • Recommended confirmations: 10 Blocks

  • Premine: 900 000 GLOV

  • Max supply: 4 600 000 GLOV

  • Block rewards: 2 GLOV (1.5 POS/ 0.5 dev fund)

What will I need to do to swap my CFCC coins for GLOV?

Please visit the webpage listed below to begin the process of converting your coins from CFCC to GLOV.

Who do I ask if I still have questions about this process?

Please reach out to us either on the CFCC Discord server or the CFCC Facebook page, and we will get back in touch with you as soon as possible.


We hope that this documentation is useful to you, and we look forward with continuing to work with you all as we move forward with you all.

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