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May I ask a Question or two?

Ok, so now I have many pieces to a puzzle. What to do? The pieces are taking up my RAM on WAX Cloud Wallet where if I try to claim or mint something I'm blocked cause I need to buy more RAM. Here because of this I cannot hoard tokens. Lol! So what do I do? Try to give em away? Sell them? Or burn them? Opinions? There's no value in them unless put together and creating the complete NFT. But without all the pieces, what you have? An incomplete puzzle still taking up your RAM with no value.

Next question, what are we doing wrong?

I mean, we have a polygon token listed on SushiSwap and have been adding liquidity. We've asked the community to add $5 dollars worth as well, to DM Pharaoh so he may give them some tokens to add to liquidity and even offered to give an NFT they may burn to collect some WAXP and yet no takers. We are confident we have a solid use case. Still, we see these same members add liquidity or buy tokens from another group that have no use case and will surely rug or burn them. Really, what the hell are we doing wrong?

We have coins that may be traded up to a tradeable listed on an exchange coin or win the opportunity to sell 1 for $10 dollars or trade up for an NFT that has a locked file with a surprise in it.

Everything to an extent is tradeable. We have multi coin bots that our admins and mods drop coins and tokens, and still we see minimal participation. Our server has a fight club game where you earn a cryptocoin to trade up or purchase power ups. We have opportunities to earn Dogecoin by voting for the server and voting to get listed on various sites or subscribing to our YouTube channel.

Then our NFT collage Game where the collage consists of stand alone NFTs that at the end of the game can be burned, sold or hodled. Which points back to my first question.

So in conclusion we ask, What are we doing wrong? Why is support for what we are doing so fickle? Opinions please. We are open to suggestions.

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