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Limited Mint NFT Drop

Hello all subscribed.

Thought I'd write about our Limited Mint NFT drop happening on Doscord. Well, maybe not just discord. 😆 Twitter and Instagram have the link too. As well as here too. Keep reading. 😉

OK, so here's the gist of it all. I received some feedback stating really 43 ADA or Cardano coins? Well my statement to that is yes. See when you buy from the whitlisted, hyped as F ETH, SOL, POLY, or whatever NFT, you pay for the NFT and to Mint it. No different in that aspect. Difference here is it's straight up affordable price while ETH you bay over a few hundred dollars to buy. SOL and Poly it's not too bad so I won't shoot on them much other than they too want over a few hundred for their NFTs.

Here is another difference our NFTs are under a hundred dollars to purchase. The other difference is that our NFTs are backed. Yes I said backed utilizing verified, tested, and stable technology. They are backed by our coins that can be staked as they are Proof of Stake coins and can be traded on corresponding exchanges or through our own trade up manual platform.

These coins are yours and what you purchase in NFTs will be reinvested into all the projects, giveaways, and NFT backing.

Furthermore you stake on your own desktop wallet. Meaning you own the keys. Remember, "not your keys not your crypto"

We are looking into possibly getting the coins in a stakepool to assist in staking. Yet to do so we need buy in from everyone via our various capital raising opportunities and more engagement from our community.

What I mean by Limited is that there are only so many copies of each NFT that can be Minted. As well as only so many different NFTs. After this run the NFT templates will be destroyed. So this will be the only ones ever minted by PrimeStyleLtd.

As promised here is the link to our NFT Drop

Want to know more?

Join us on Discord:

I must warn you though, our server is very special that we have multiple layers of verification to keep out scanners, scripters, and claiming bots. So entering may be a bit of a pain.

You may also reach us via telegram:

Yet, all tipping is done via our Discord server.

Telegram is full of scammerz and questionable practices.

Anyway, wanted to give you all a heads up as to the Limited NFT drop, cost and reasoning.

Hopefully this sheds some light in what we are building. 😁

Have thoughts, suggestions or feedback let us know comment on our blog posts.

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