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Leaving Members

Why did you leave our Discord? Was it beause you wanted to get rich quick or only came for long heavy airdrops? All I can say is the people that are here are of like mind and can see past their greedy intentions.

No real project will make you rich quick, unless it's scamming or about to scam. No one developer, yet alone team has the answers as this space is dynamic, meaning always changing. No next big thing is guaranteed to work or create a profit.

No one knows you really, as being here is as autonomous as possible and everything is an alias and or Avatar, so bringing a sob story that your poor, don't eat, having issues, or in political crisis makes anyone give a fuck. They are here like you looking out for themselves. That, and it's a red flag even posting that, because if your here on discord, you have a phone or device with internet access. You may sell it and you'll be ok at least for some hours or even days. So we can smell bullshit. You will not get sympathy from people in this space. Finally, if it's too good to be true, it probably is.

Yet, if you are still with us, you'll get airdrops, if you help us by purchasing an airdrop role, boosting the server, buying membership, advertising or something from our swag shop, it will be reintroduced into the project and spread among the community. It will not go into a lone pocket and disappear into a devs abyss. That is our team commitment to you and the community as well as your commitment to the community. This is a community that supports one another. I strongly believe this is the only way crypto as a whole will be assimilated, adapted, and adopted into mainstream.

Only a few altcoins and projects will rise above to reach that level. Unfortunately, many will fail as their leadership and development is short sighted with greed. Crypto has become the mother's milk of politics and will become the root of evil, if there aren't projects out there to promote something honest, truthful and transparent.

So to those that left:

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