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Honest take on Cardano Dexes and Half-Baked ideas

I must disclose I may be biased or I may not understand everything, but I am pretty astute to how things work. With that being said lets get into the shoot promo.

Da hell Muesliswap? Days with open trades sitting there like bumps on a log. Looking at candlesticks and what is being asked for sells and buys yet none of my orders moved! Finally after another couple days became frustrated and canceled everything. Easier for me to sell and gain LP by peer 2 peer selling and buying than this crappy Dex(decentralized exchange), Yeah keep touting you're first. Indeed first at bringing us this crap. Not to mention, I asked, pleaded and contacted you all that I would like to list to be first on the dex, just to receive one response saying did I do the pull request then receiving no feedback after I responded that I did. Then the dex opened and I see many tokens listed that didn't even have utility or use cases. Which mine does, full website, whitepaper, social media, community and how it will be utilized. Yet, you chose incomplete projects that may likely scam. Well done!! 😉👍 Not!

Alright now to Sundaeswap.

Da Hell Sundaeswap! You too, days with orders then time out and cancelled. The hell? Ok maybe that's good and we get our ADA back. Still, lets shoot on LP. Myself and some community members have added liquidity to WGlov ADA pair to grow our token. Yes we received lp and it's just sitting there. Farming is not enabled for us and we can't use it anywhere else to farm, so what good does ot do us? Even your milk ADA pair gave us lp but without farming enabled, it don't mean nothing. Can't do anything with it. So why the congratulation tweets? Stuff still not correctly functional. Shaking My Damn Head. I understand growing pains, and the damn blockchain getting congested, look at what happens with ETH and Polygon, but basic functionality that was promised not being present. 🤦‍♀️ At least you guys don't have my token listed as unverified like Muesliswap and I do thank you for that.

So needless to say both these Dexes have had struggles and controversy following them. Pissed users and pissed collaborators, which I will not get into as im not sure about it and would rather focus on my experience. Which to this point hasn't been great.

An honorable shoot to ADAX, which I say, it don't work either. Swaps only work if you have minimum to swap. Will not let you swap what you want. Go into the Cex(centralized exchange) side of things, its the same thing. There's a minimum threshold to swap and not all tokens are capable. I'm talking about buying and selling. So to me functionality is moot.

I still have faith though that these Dexes get their act together and change the perception from the user standpoint and cease congratulating themselves for innovations when main functionality is lacking. Get that aspect down first don't be like the conglomerates or at least like the one I work for that releases products and software half assed and then spends it's time trying to fix it, only to release another set of crap starting the process over again.

What's the bad in it you ask? Well I'll put it this way. Us users end up buying SaaS (Support as a Service) for half-baked products and software that is being serviced, adapted, rewritten which may never function correctly, and be given a WIP (work in progress). Then when the fixes are finally implemented you now have to buy the new version and pay for support for the next half-baked innovation to the fixed version. Lol! This is called the software/product lifecycle.

But to me, we are paying for faulty stuff we adapt to and accept as mediocre.


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