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Gonna Wait a Little

With the recent breakthroughs of Cardano Dexes Muesliswap and Sundaeswap finally coming online, there seems to be a loaded stack of difficulties. Where do I start?

Let's start with Muesliswap

While I was researching what ADA dexes were in existence a few months back. I came across Muesliswap who was touting to be the first dex coming soon and if any project wanted to list all they had to do was submit a pull request on Github. I fully did that and was awaiting feedback. After several weeks of waiting I decided to contact and see if I could get feedback. I was told that by the end of January new projects would be listed. Well we are here at the end of the month and still nothing.

The Dex releases and is now online. The projects I see listed are some serious ones like the dex's own MILK and a few others that are not serious at all. Take a look at white papers or website if they even have any. Yet mine is complete with use case, white paper, website, community and established for a good while and not to mention I did the pull request Lol! and DripDropz.

This is where it ends up. On the community trading platform not the featured or for the taken seriously side. Really? Oh well, at least we are on there right? Well not for me. I submitted everything like I was supposed to, now im just disappointed 🙁. Guess I'll chalk it up to Growing Pains.

Ok so now let's talk about Sundaeswap.

With Sundaeswap no pull requests were done or instructed to do to list. I did however inquire about listing and was told I must wait until the dex is live to cross that bridge. 👌 no problem, totally understandable. After a few months playing around the testnet the dex goes live, I see the same projects listed on Muesliswap as well as Muesliswap on the Sundae Dex. Ok yeah they were there first. No issue, but again the none serious projects are listed no use case, no website, no whitepaper. 🤦‍♀️ I know I need to get over myself.

Thankfully, FreakHouse our dev was paying attention and proceeded creating a liquidity pool for us as I was working on our NFT offerings. Ok, so we have a pool now. This is excellent. Yet, I still see the unregistered nag message, which once again I did a pull request with the Cardano Chain to ensure it was registered. 🤦‍♀️

So now I need to add liquidity which I have but not as much as I want to because of issues with first, the Network Congestion, issues with Nami wallet not accurately bringing up the balance, and clunkiness of site itself, not to mention live updates happening while trying to get transactions to push and post. It was suggested to use wallet but that isn't any better currently. Well actually of this writing it may have improved all around. 😉 need to make that disclaimer.

Ok so now farming is available. We have a pool, now we must stake lp tokens to farm, but where do we stake them? How do we open this aspect of the dex? Well we need to wait more but this time with the farming available I see it's only serious projects. Ok, I feel better about this. Still, I would like for our WrappedGloveCoin to be officially listed and taken seriously.

Unfortunately, all I see is freaking FOMO for all these different projects trying to make a quick buck instead of taking things seriously. 😕

So disappointed and frustrated. I have hope though that Enviroswap will learn from the mistakes here and give us a different experience, besides they tout they are the only ones showing their faces from the start.

Just like me with our Youtube channel. 😁

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