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Get invited and get kicked out!

Just wanted to share a message given when someone joins our community, but is either too lazy or joined with nefarious intent and will not bother to verify. The verification bots and the hoops you've gone through are there to prevent claiming bots and scripters that just join to leech automatically.

Message is as follows:

Where you going? Did you type /verify then dc.verify? I mean it's not hard. Come on try it. You'll miss out on some fun stuff. But if your a bot or a scammer, im glad your gone! Take your jankey ass elsewhere! Leave my communities alone, we have enough to worry about, without worrying about your stupid ass! 😜

It's funny and a little harsh, but we really don't want them here if they are not of like mind and just here to take without contributing to what we are working on building with you all.

I'm posting this because I've seen some invites used, but the people who come in don't bother to verify and our bot kicks them out. You may want to evaluate who you are inviting as they may not be good for your community either.

Just a thought, have a great empowered day and watch for the drops. We look forward to seeing you here at PrimeStyleLtd Discord Server.

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