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Don't buy Likes and Followers

I'm currently seeing an NFT project go in flames 🔥 Instagram account was taken down because of buying likes and followers. Chalk it up to #Marketing101 but to me that's a bad excuse. Building your following organically is the best way and followers can backstop or research your validity. Also, while thinking positive is what most of us do to affirm ourselves, labeling oneself as a billionaire does exude confidence but at the same time comes off cocky and presumptuous.

I've seen many projects get in trouble using this marketing strategy quickly engulfing their server in doubt. The server I am currently in watching has now many negative influx of users screaming scam. Funny thing is nothing has been bought or sold or even dropped.

Now because of this I have doubts. After looking at what and how their NFTs will be minted, it adds to that doubt as it seems it will be on the ETH chain and we all know any transaction will kill you in gas fees so im apprehensive this project was well thought out. Only time will tell though.

Main point is buying likes and followers is a sure way to shoot the project down before even starting.

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