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Deploying a new Token

I recently deployed a multifunction contracted token on ETC chain.  For a while I had been trying to verify and publish it's source code to open the ability to interact with it's contracts.  When doing so ETC's explorer BlockScout only allows you to do so via flattened code, standard input Json or Vyper contract options.  Usually with other Blockchain explorers like Etherscan you have a source code to copy and submit or all you need to do is sign with your MetaMask or another token capable wallet to verify and publish your token's code.  

I have no idea what flattened code is.  Did research and found two entries that could decipher bytecode.  I am assuming those reading this have some coding knowledge.  If your a Coiner or Developer you'll know some.  Anyway I tried decompiling the bytecode and utilizing it's output to verify and publish.  But nope, it would return with an error or two.  I then tried converting the output into a Json file utilizing notepad ++ and uploading for submission.  Yeah that didn't work.  So I reached out to Hebe on their Discord server under Token Factory.  Which consequently was the app I used to deploy my token.

I quickly received a response that their developers will need to take a look so they may resolve the issue.  Needless to say in about a day and a half I received another contact saying they had updated the site to show source code to first deploy on Mordor testnet to verify.  I did that and boom, it was what I was expecting, like the other Blockchain explorers like Polyscan.  So I proceeded to redeploy my token but did a few changes to differentiate between first attempt and second, plus Hebe's developers advised for redeployment.  I proceeded but the output was the same with only bytecode showing.  No source code 😕

This time I went to ETC Cooperative server with queries.  Thankfully Hebe rep and developers are also present there and took suggestion to verify the contract source for not just me but all their users who created tokens.  After about another day or two I received notification to look at my deployed token via BlockScout.  This time the code was there so I copied and pasted to verify and publish.  Boom.  It verified things and now I'm able to interact with the contracts.

My point being I took a chance and stumbled across a team that is dedicated to developing the technology and a community willing to dive in and suggest resolutions from their own attempts.  I was advised to go to Open Zeppelin grab a verified contract and deploy via Remix IDE.  I would of if there was no resolution, but I'll be honest I only know enough to be dangerous or to get in trouble.  Lol

Let me know if you've experienced something like this deploying your own token or NFT contract comment below 👇.   Remember to Like, Share and Subscribe.  

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