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Dated Bitcoin Fork Codes

I was recently asked a good question regarding Bitcoin Fork codes. These codes are what many alts are build from. The question popped up because while getting listing for one of our coins, compiling old code with Ubuntu 20 is proving to be difficult.

Why do you like those old source codes ? :D I asked CryptoCoderz to start using newer codes... that have rpcthreads things and other.

My response:

The code and all features work. Been trying to compile things on Ubuntu 20 but no success. Yet, the projects need to continue. Also, these p2p coins are great to back NFTs and stake. Instead of getting a staking token to trade for another token that has a worth value. Example: let's take NFTstaker a hypothetical Cardano NFT staking site where you buy bronze, silver, gold, platinum cards to stake your NFT and earn xStaker. When you feel like it, if there's no period time lock for staking xStaker, you trade in your xStaker for NFTStaker. Then take NFTStaker to a dex or cex and swap or trade for ADA or whatever coin/ token wanted.

With my process the user stakes the coin hidden in the NFT. Of course the user may need to burn the NFT and get the coins hidden as well as will need to install a desktop wallet for it to stake, but she/ he will own the keys. Remember not your keys not your crypto.

Then the user has two options, sell on exchange or trade for token version of the coin for cross-chain usability and swapping via dex. It's all part of the trading cycle as those tokens may be used to purchase other NFTs with same properties but different hidden content and coins. Later as the platform grows I may incorporate other tangible items.

Of course for this to happen and come into fruition we need community buy in and word of mouth advertising. So I ask for comments on my YouTube videos, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Minds and Bastyon posts to bring attention to what we are doing. This is why the discord server is so hard to get into because I have it locked down from saboteurs, biters, and Fud instigators.

This in essence is The CryptoFightClub Movement! Join us!

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