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Call Letters WKPSM PrimeStyleRadio

"You've been listening to PrimeStyleRadio 102.22 on your digital dial."

My team and I decided to turn tunes on our server. As it is PrimeStyleLtd is a media content company at it's root. Let me give ya some background.

Pharaoh when he was a lot younger went by the stage name "Bigg Freeze" when composing hip hop music as a teen and young adult till his mid thirties when he decided being a starving artist didn't pay.. Literally. His last compilation was released via PrimeStyleMusic in 2010 after breaking with DeepWaterRecords. Reasoning for that is said to be contrasts in ideas and paths.

The compilation was called timeless and is all instrumental acid jazz hip hop genre. He has studio engineering experience and an ear for music. While working on his label PrimeStyleMusic he had the opportunity to work with many artists and quickly started dabbling into graphics and general computing. He has created videos for not just his content but for others. He has missed doing music performances and now no longer looks like a hip hop musician he decided podcast and Vlogs would be better combining his love of the two. This is how we have PrimeStyleLtd. Which he opened in 2010 as a computer repair company. Now he has combined it all and is the entity it is now.

PrimeStyleMusic is still in existence but it too has now been adapted for the times and is a musical composition and media publishing alias under the PrimeStyleLtd banner. Both are registered trademarks and anything published under that banner is subject to IP infringement. This includes NFTs. So while some may not be white listed rest assured your getting an NFT with copyrights reserved to PrimeStyleLtd if it's from Pharaoh. The assets Glov, MentX, CMVE, TR3B also fall under the intellectual property clauses as we work on building our own crypto ecoverse.

Most of the future NFTs will be backed and have either hidden pdf, hidden link or fully viewable link to download the PDF backing your NFT. I must convey that the links are time-sensitive so taking advantage of burning the NFT to get the coins will need to be considered. More on this when drops are announced.

Anyway, got off on a tangent. My blog here is for the announcement of PrimeStyleRadio exclusively to the PrimeStyleltd Discord Server.

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