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Binance TR3B -Manta Token

After much deliberation and uncertainty we decided to create a token focussed with our community members in mind.

Those holding TR3B-Manta BTC fork coin will soon be able to trade it out for our bTR3B BSC based token.

Logo is the same as I am hoping for a seamless transition from coin to token.

Unlike the BTC fork version I reduced it's number to 19 million to ensure manageability.

Here are the specifics for the token.

BSC bTR3B contract -0xB6Ace1349339E4f5D2c6962Fa8e328D1Dd22E18F

Total token 19,000,000

Total Transaction Fees 15%

Transaction fee breakdown:

10% - Returned to holders depending on current holdings in MetaMask

4% - Returned to Liquidity

1% - Burn to ensure token stabilization.

Liquidity is currently holding on PancakeSwap and we are seeing it grow.

I will be introducing NFTs so stay tuned for further updates on swap event and NFT releases.

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