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A Day in A Life of a CryptoProjectManager and Developer

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

This is what I've been doing to help establish us more.

1. Advertising on other Discord Servers that allow me to.

2. Creating Blogs to ensure we capture audience on our Website

3. Negotiated listing of MentX on Exbitron

4. Submitted pull request for listing of WGLOV on MuesliSwap

5. Continue negotiations to list WGLOV on SundaeSwap and EnviroSwap - EnviroSwap is looking good and aligns with what I was trying to accomplish with Global Green Coin.

6. Received information on listing with P2PB2B which will cost 10000 USDT and thinking of listing CMVE Coin or GloveCoin. But need to raise that starting at 0 unfortunately. Received information for Listing on Bololex which is $1000 dollars I guess BTC or in their main asset. It's doable but also need to raise that starting at 0 disappointed This is why support and donation are so important. Interested in helping? Go to in our Discord Server, #i-plead-for-your-help-🆘 to learn how to help.

7. Created new NFTs for continuing our NFT collection game.

8. Working on whitelisting on Neftyblocks to create a more in line NFT experience.

9. Creating advertisement videos and regular Videocasts to provide content on YouTube

10. Continue content creation for our various social sites

11. Continue with Giveaway payouts, rewards for voting and server bumps, and other creative incentives.

12. Separated NFT for sale and renamed support our server. NFTs purchased will be reinvested and may, may not be backed.

13 looking at how to adapt our polygon and ada NFTs to stake as well as looking at how Neftyblocks does this with wax.

14. Submitted update information to Coingecko for Glov and submitted necessary information to have CMVE Token listed as well. Will contact FreakHouse as some things need to be updated still.

15. After holiday will submit to Coingecko MentX information as it's listed and traded on an exchange.

16. Contacted UnnamedExchange to update Glov listing and information of our block explorer and contacted NortExchange as well to update our listings of Glov and MentX.

Have suggestions go to suggestions-and-requests on our Discord Server to place your ideas, feedback, or requests,

Thank You

Can use some help!

We can use your help. 😁

Donations if you are inclined to do so

ADA Cardano Chain- Ae2tdPwUPEZC5x7Q6fqLXEV6JsELg4mThvF94gWm3DJgEV4bmLvkPVvitYa

USDC Polygon chain - 0x7fE1f43Ff0aE3f808C3117093Ba79752111dA098

WAXP - nijdm.wam

Matic - 0x7fE1f43Ff0aE3f808C3117093Ba79752111dA098

Doge - D5tQkyiq1mzQ7wiHPkjQjoAunMKnJbZckW

Bitcoin - 3Fto6ZCbkHa6xKL7CKAy3MwjXxaTbNuk37

It is appreciated and all donations are reinvested into our projects and server.

Also looking for assistance in boosting our server, listing on reputable exchanges and ensuring steady payments for tasks, rewards and prizes. You may support our server in this manner as well. Hope you will consider and ensure our server becomes the best in Discord.

For those wanting to advertise on our server. Paid Advertisement and Promoter role.

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