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5 layer security to enter PrimeStyleLtd Discord Server

Ok, you all here's some transparency.

I've kicked out some useless bots. We now have 5 layers of security to pass to enter our server.

Why do you ask?

Well here's the kicker. I was in many servers that did airdrops and still do, but I noticed animosity begin among members if they claimed those airdrops rather quickly.

It did seem like it was automatic so quickly the accusations begin of "you're a bot" or "you're a scripter" causing heated arguments and unnecessary bans or mutes damaging the server, the leadership, and project credibility. What I want is to not deal with that crap. 😉

Anyway here is the breakdown of the security layers:

  • 1st layer, standard Discord check, and AltIdentifier process

  • 2nd Layer, Simple captcha bot and username check

  • 3rd layer, Another captcha and DoubleCounter check

  • 4th layer Wick check

  • 5th Honeycomb Process check.

  • And of course, I then review everyone's roles and perms periodically.

Even with this many layers, bots and scripters may still get in, or Raiding tries to happen, please report any suspicious (SuS) activity to myself or @Mods, @Admin for further investigation.

Thank You

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