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2022 Quarters Outlook

Plans are as follows:

Q2: We shall continue to work on raising capital via NFTs, Donations, and Subscriptions to our Discord server. Proceeds will fund listing for our coins Glov, MentX, TR3B, and CMVE. This will help incentivize another aspect for those coins as they can be traded via exchanges as well as via trade-ups to cross into our DeFi aspect of things. I'm currently working on creating liquidity for CMVE Token on SushiSwap. There is currently work being done on the Cardano side of things as well for WGlov or Wrapped GloveCoin as we continue working to get it on SundaeSwap. It is registered now and whitelisted.

Q3: It is planned that we will implement trade-ups for WGlov from Glov once it's available to add liquidity on SundeaSwap. The main focus will be getting that aspect of things set up and generating trading cycles with value. Once that is established, we can move to community input for a charity we may be able to help to leverage influence, attention, and donation.

Q4: As for our NFTs, implementation for trade-ups utilizing our coins Glov, MentX, TR3B, and CMVE will depend on if the NFTs are created via Polygon, Cardano, or WAXP chains. This dependency will weigh if they are to be further backed with Doge, BTC, or LTC. With ETH, unfortunately, gas price is making it difficult to implement many of the things I hope to do as my ideas have many aspects of turnaround and churn.

Q1: Later into this quarter, im hoping to get other coins and projects onto the platform where the trading cycle easily may incorporate them and give those new prospects another layer of viability.

The main objective of the PrimeStyleLtd project is to create our Crypto-EcoSystem with responsibility and accountability. Once this is established we may then start the process of true decentralization and assigning responsibility fairly, objectively, and constructively.

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