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The coin that represents the fighter in all of us!


Ticker: GLOV
Algorithm: Scrypt
Type: POS
Maximum Coin Supply: 4.6 million
Premine: 900,000
Block time: 3 Minutes

POS Percentage: 85%
Minimum POS Age: 8 Hours
Transaction Fee: 0.0001 GLOV
Maturity: 30 Blocks

Burn as of 14th Jan 2022 18:15:37 - 725000.0 Coins removed from circulation

Ticker: WGLOV
Name: Wrapped GloveCoin
Description: Cardano token version of our BTC based coin Glov
Policy ID: 4baf6493c40c06e6e8977e9a768b1552d16a98ad8e7116cca6755028 
Asset Name: 57476c6f76
Amount: 3000000 (edited)
[7:36 PM]
Purpose: Token is both Security and Utility

Compatible Wallets

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