Coin properties

Algorithm: Quark

Block type: Proof-of-Work/Proof-of-Stake

Coin name: Consortium Coin

Abbreviation: CSM

Address letter: 1

Address letter testnet: M

RPC port: 13821

P2P port: 13822

Block reward: 20 coins

Block reward: (PoS) 20 coins

Coin supply: 21000000 coins

Premine amount: 1000000 coins 

Advanced properties

Last PoW blockblock 1000000

Superblock reward 1%

Masternode reward 90%

Masternode amount 3000 coins

Masternode confirmations 15 blocks

Coinbase maturity:20 ( + 1 default confirmation) blocks Target spacing: 5 minutes

Target timespan: 20 minutes Transaction confirmations

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